Masquerade Reception & Gala


How It All Began

Both fans of Caribbean travels and culture, and individuals of Caribbean ancestry, living in middle Tennessee wanted to find a purpose where their enthusiasm for Caribbean-American culture and heritage becomes one with the arts and passion. 


If you are spirited for Caribbean flare and culture, La Caribella is the perfect fit. What inspires us about La Caribella is the ability to recapture and relive timeless moments under the stars - because, for us, culture and heritage are some of the most powerful artifacts we possess as humans... and as a people.


With every single step we take toward the welfares of the event, we think about how the purpose will impact the community that empowered us, the businesses and special interest entities that inspired us, and the charities we support. Reserving that perfect moment in life is more than just luck...

it is an inspiring opportunity.


On June 6, 2006. President George W. Bush officially declared June — Caribbean American Heritage Month.

The Caribbean and the West Indies have contributed significantly toward the foundation and prosperity of the United States.  And whether it is Icons such as 'Alexander Hamilton' - one of America's Founding Fathers who masterminded and blueprinted the Nation's financial structure [an immigrant from Nevis - East Caribbean West Indies, and the face of the U.S. $10 Bill]


... the 750 Haitian Freemen who fought alongside the United States Colonial Troops against the British in the Siege of Savannah on Oct. 9, 1779 


...the countless athletes and authors, businesses and moguls, celebrities and entertainers, congressmen and senators, law enforcement and law-makers, and other noteworthy leaders and influences.  


It is no secret that there's tremendous to celebrate. La Caribella is a testimony and tribute, an appreciation and celebration to Caribbean-American Culture and Heritage.


With that being said, 2019 La Caribella — Masquerade Reception Gala was originally set for June, primarily because June is Caribbean-American Heritage Month.  However, while the agenda acknowledges the countless West Indians and Caribbean-Americans — a population of people and facility conceived from the bitterness of slavery — and the citizenries that migrated from the West Indies to the United States and served of great values toward the blueprint of America’s successes… we must also acknowledge the shared and primary denominator of where and how it all started — 400  years ago.


2019 marks the 400th Anniversary of the African Slave Trade to the Americas — both North American and the Caribbean. And in respects, the most fitting and humbling way to honor and ‘candle’ our past, is to ignite the future…

and exemplify by the worth of example. 

This is why the high-deals of La Caribella is crafted to inspire and empower those who've inspired and empowered us ... our community,          the children and the youth —

and we do so by giving back while moving forward.


After all, it is because of them, we are!




La Caribella

In celebration of

culture and diversity

In appreciation of

 charity and community

In tribute to

arts and talent 

In honor of those who’ve

inspired and empowered us 



Coming Soon 


 | TBD  |


Sunset Schedule of Events


8 PM -8:30 PM

Welcome Champagne Reception


8:30 PM - 9:30 PM

 Welcome and Key Note Speakers 

 Cocktail & Hors-d'oeuvres


9:30 PM - 11:00 PM  

 Signature Caribbean Cocktails & Dinner [tbd]

w/ Caribbean Rhythms ~ Dancing Under the Stars





Social Justice and Displacements

Homelessness and Neglect

Human and Sex Trafficking

Domestic and Child Abuse

Discrimination and Racism


Habitat For Humanity



Puerto Rico

St. Maarten / St. Martin

'Caribbean Islands that are still devastated of 2017/18 Hurricanes' 



For more than two decades years,

the Caribbean Community

is proud to call Nashville, Tennessee home 

...and in gratitude,

 the occasion is tailored to

'give back while moving forward'


toward productive programs that: 


promote and enhance

arts & culture and academic and youth leadership


advance and propel

professional and economic interests 


inspire and empower 

the disadvantage and at-risk youths

throughout middle Tennessee and the Caribbean.




Nashville - TN